3 Day Portugal Tour

3 Day Tour

30/04/2018 / 30/04/2018 -

Nothing like a discovery short break away from the daily routine and let yourself be taken by the freedom of riding a motorcycle across the Portuguese land. With this short trip we will take on a quick 3 day tour of the best that Portugal has to offer. From the coast to the heartland, you will be driving through UNESCO heritage sites, protected forests, barbecuing on the beach and even fishing your own lunch.

The first part of this journey is almost all spent on coastal roads, where the Atlantic Ocean will always be in sight and where you will have the opportunity drive through some the Lisbon Regions most scenic and lush landscapes.  From the top of a mountain you will be able to see the almost full extension of the “White City” and a further 60 kilometres into the blue horizon of the ocean. From here we head north to the fish and surf capital of Portugal, where you will meet José Manuel, an old “wolf of the sea” who will tell you all about how you catch (and eat) the best fish in the world.

Onwards we take a turn inland to the heritage capital of Alentejo and meet up some very interesting wine and olive oil boutique producers, whose demand for quality is as high as their warm welcome to new friends. Sit back and enjoy the never-ending plaines of cork trees, vineyards and wild bulls.

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