Chic Portugal Tour

30/04/2018 -

Chic Portugal Tour is based on our famous North Portugal Tour in a lighter and cooler version. It is cheaper, and with more time for you to enjoy the best of Portugal.

Day 0

  • Arrivals to Lisbon
  • Delivery of motorcycles
  • Welcome dinner

Day 1

Ocean front ride from Lisbon to Coimbra

Day 2

From Coimbra we travel to Porto, Portugal’s wine and food Capital.

Day 3

The third day is all about touring the Douro Valley and the world’s most beautiful wine destination. Here you will have a chance to ride through the world’s best road for motorcycles.

Day 4

From Macedo de Cavaleiros, we make a journey through time, crossing the “forgotten” interior north of Portugal and the Internacional Douro Natural park, ending in Bragança.

Day 5

Heading west, we cross the Nordeste Transmontano, all the way to Green Wine country and its capital Ponte de Lima.

Day 6

A free day to enjoy the lush green landscape of the Minho and Green wine region.

Day 7

Ride from Monção back to Lisbon.



4.950,00€ or $ 5.580,00


3.413,00€ or $ 4.475,00

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