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30/04/2018 -

On our 7 day Harley tour through Portugal,  you can get to know an exclusive and untouched part of a country that was once called Lusitania. From Lisbon, north is our first direction, as we hit the back roads of the centerwest atlantic coast, passing through fishermen villages, vast fruit orchards and even making a barbecue on the beach. Further north we enter the culinary and wine heartland of Portugal, where we will be staying with a local family in the Douro Valley and learn how some of the top wines in the world have the most humble beginnings.

After we will be travelling through the Alentejo and the Algarve, once the land of the Moors, who behind their beautiful Islamic culture and living heritage. After stopovers in the lively capital of South Portugal, Evora , your motorcycle tour heads to the extreme southwest corner of Europe,  Cabo de San Vincente with it’s lighthouse on the Atlantic coast.

Book your desired date directly from the grid bellow or shoot us an email for more information, including a complete itinerary.

  • Wm Rusty Brennan-Dubbs

    Alô! I’m in Seattle USA.
    Wife and I are planning a 7 to 9 day mcycle tour in Portugal and then 10 days in Spain. 1 mcycle, we ride two/up.
    I currently ride BMW GS, Hd Electra glide, klr 650.
    Date. April 2018.
    We are biologists, cultural anthropologist, we are world travelers, and I have 350,000 miles on motorcycles over 44 years of riding. We enjoy hiking (I lead tours in the Himalaya and Andes for both natural history and for climbing.) I also frequently ride in China, Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal this past 28yrs … so I can ride in more “challenging” situations than I would anticipate in your lovely country. We like history, National Parks / natural parks, museums, some churches, fun roads, hill tops/passes, water, wine, tasty food, walking/hiking.

    Currently there are just me & wife.
    This is our first visit.
    I need help with a brief itinerary and equipment/paperwork required and included in the cost.
    We enjoy good food, time to explore museums/sites/festivals/culture. That a hotel has a TV is of no importance, let alone a tv of 65 inches. smile. A good bed and hot water is all that is important.

    Private Tours may be the way to go. But, I’m open to suggestions.

    Sorry, I don’t know enough to ask good questions.

    Thank you,

    Wm Rusty BrennanDubbs

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