3 Day Tour: 4-7, November 2016

3 Day Tour: 4-7, November 2016

1,439.96$ ( 30% Deposit )

Nothing like a discovery short break away from the daily routine and let yourself be taken by the freedom of riding a motorcycle across the Portuguese Heart land. With this short trip we will take on a quick 3 day tour of the best that Portugal has to offer. From the coast to the heartland, you will be driving through UNESCO heritage sites, protected forests, barbecuing on the beach and even fishing your own lunch.

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This is it. The first step towards joining us for the best food, most exquisite wine, and incredible riding you will ever have put into a week.

Please note that this payment is for the deposit only, and the balance will be due 90 days before the trip starts.


Price for 1 person as driver : 4.154,00€    /    Price for 2nd person as passenger : 3.364,00€


Portugal Motorcycle Tours prides itself on providing inaccessible Portugal experiences and emotions. Granting you profound contact with the culture, the people, the food, the wine and with all the reality that makes Portugal a unique destination.

At Portugal Motorcycle Tours we want you to feel as comfortable and as relaxed as possible. This is why the quoted prices are inclusive of everything (*) while you are on tour with us, so that you never have to reach for your wallet. Whether for a mid-ride coffee and cake or a fine meal in a great restaurant, you are our guest and we want you to feel like a member of the family.

For more information on pledge to provide you with the greatest motorcycle experience of your life see our Mission Statement . (*) Details of the terms, conditions and services included in Portugal Motorcycle Tours please visit our Terms and Conditions .


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