The 10 Best Roads in Portugal

      The 10 best roads in Portugal serves a guide to the most the roads and their natural scenery that make Portugal one of the best Motorcycle destinations in the World. Can you imagine the amazing ride of following a river’s contour with lush green vineyards, or strait empty roads through no man’s lands, where it just you the motorcycle and the landscape…With each turn you can be surprised by the fields, rivers, mountains, forests, villages and towns! If these roads won’t inspire you to take a Motorcycle Tour Holiday in Portugal, we don’t know what can.

      Régua – Pinhão (N222)

      The Portuguese National Road number 222 has been recently recognized by a number of travel and motorcycle rental companies as the best riding road of the world. Connecting Régua to Pinhao, its 27 kilometres will take you through the heart of the Douro Valley, arguably the most impressive wine region in the world. It follows the Douro River’s contour upstream, where you will find yourself surrounded by the lush green of the terraced vineyards. Studies say that the road has the perfect value 10-1, which means every 10 seconds spend in a straight line are followed by 1 second in a turn.

      Cascais – Praia das Maçãs (N247)

      20 kilometers long, the 247 road is a fantastic mountain ride through the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais with a lots of constant left-right turns. There is hardly any strait line and you always have the ocean on one side and thick forest on the other. At the end of the road is Cabo da Roca, the most western point of continental Europe. The way down to the beach is a magnificent experience, as the forest thickens making it look like the trees are going to hug you at every turn.

      São Brás de Alportel – Amodôvar (EN2)

      The Portuguese national road number 2, or EN2 crosses Portugal from top to bottom dividing the map in two. It is also Portugal’s longest road with 740 kilometres taking you from Chaves to Faro. Dating back to Roman origins, it has an almost mystical significance for Portuguese motorcyclists as it crosses some of Portugal’s most iconic landscapes and villages. Some even call it the Portuguese Route 66. One special stretch are the final 60 kilometres in the Algarve, where the road goes up and down along the Caldeirão mountain, giving you breathtaking views almond carob trees plantations.

      Manteigas – Covilhã (N338/339)

      I have to confess that is my favourite road in the whole of Portugal. It starts in the small town of Manteigas, right in the heart of Portugal’s highest mountain – the Serra da Estrela it is 30 kilometres of pure mountain drive heaven. The best time is around 3 hours before sundown. At this time the angle makes the iron particles in the granite sparkle making this drive up the glacier’s valley the real “stairway to heaven”. The recurrent abyss and creeping bushes will make you feel alive more than any other road on earth.

      Tortosendo – Unhais da Serra/Fundão (N230/343)

      Tortosendo is known to be the jewel of the Interior Center of Portugal because of its thermal waters and purity of the water running in the Zezere River. The road lays on the south west face of Serra da Estrela (Portugal’s Highest Mountain) and still with the protect landscape of this mountain’s Natural Park. This road will make you feel like caressing the mountain and valleys with the movement of the motorcycle. You can feel the power of the nature in its silence and beauty along these 35 kms of pure joy!

      Estremoz – Redondo (N381)

      Estremoz was a village of strategic importance in the defence of the Portuguese borders against the Moors. It also happens to mark km 0 of the most typical road in the flatland region of Alentejo , with its 26 kilometres connecting Estremoz to Redondo. Since almost all the turns are extremely soft the major interest of this driving on this road is the unimpeded landscape views to Megalithic monuments, never ending vineyards, plenty of crook trees and cows.

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      Barca d’Alva – Freixo de Espada à Cinta (N221)

      This is a special road, because for 22 kilometre you will have the Douro river and its valley always beside you till the end of Portugal. After the end Spain will take care of the river. The best thing about this particular road are the frequent belvederes where you can have a bird’s eye view of the magnificence of the Douro Valley. The ride very relaxing and the views make you feel in peace and part of the nature. Very powerful.

      Alcoutim – Foz do rio Odeleite (N507)

      Driving from the beautiful village of Mértola, you arrive to small village of Alcoutim to start this piece of Algarve Wonder. The curves are always following the west banks of the Guadiana River as it flows to the Mediterranean. One of the highlights of this journey is the tranquillity of the natural amphitheatre produced by the mountain range of Serra do Caldeirão. On the way down to Algarve, the 16 kilometres ride goes through the most bucolic landscapes found in Portugal.

      Paço de Calheiros – Senhora da Peneda (N203)

      Maybe the curviest road of these top ten and probably the one with the most amazing rural beauty. No need to say more, pure joyride! The oldest villages are concentrated mainly in the Serra da Peneda and stay away from modern life. Oxen are still conducted along the streets by women dressed in black and pastors still leave their flocks graze alone for five months. In more remote areas of the park, some wolves still live, also wild boars, badgers, otters, deer and wild ponies. It’s a back to the roots ride!

      Nazaré – Figueira da Foz (Estrada Atlântica)

      From the fishermen’s village of Nazaré till a port town of Figueira da Foz, this road is made up of 40 Kilometres of strait emptiness. The road doesn’t even have a number and it is not part of the Portuguese Road System. It is just you, the motorcycle, the ocean on the left and Portugal’s oldest and biggest pine forest to the right. If you like riding solitude, then this is your road…

      • Szilard

        This came really handy. Just going to Lisbon for Saturday Sunday ride. Taking the bike at 9.30am and returning on Sunday at 6pm. What do you recommend I should plan for these 2 days? Would like to see the perfect nature of Portugal. The recommendations above is fantastic but can’t do all in 2 days. Looking forward to see your response.

        • gestao

          Hello Szilard,
          Thank you very much for your contact and nice to meet you!
          The weekend is good to see Lisbon/Cascais/Sintra and then in the second day go to Serra da Arrábida/Setubal/Tróia.
          Anything else you need, please email us.
          Thank you and enjoy Portugal riding!!

      • jeff


        My girlfriend and i will be renting a bmw 750gs in Faro in early september, then riding up to lisbon. Would you be able to recommend the most enjoyable riding route between the two locations? We will be in no hurry and really want to enjoy great scenery!

      • Liz Cook

        Hi there – we are coming to Portugal in April for a biking holiday and want to do a trip down the west cost. Are your top ten routes available on a map somewhere?

      • peter richardson

        By chance I discovered the N238 that goes through a village called Silvares, its an absolute beauty with a fantastic road surface and hundreds of bends.
        Well worth a blast if you’re going past !!!

        • gestao

          Thank you Peter for your comments and I can add that if you are a waterski fan there are very nice marinas and ski clubs in that area! Ride On!!

        • gestao

          Thank you for your contact!
          Only know in the Lisbon area, sorry.
          For more informations, please email us.
          All the Best, Miguel

      • Nigel Peace

        Great looking options.
        Subject to the covid situation should be travelling to Lagos from UK via Balboa and depending on weather thinking of taking 3 or 4 days to travel one way and see a bit more of Portugal a day less the other .
        Any suggestions?

      • gestao

        Hello Vincze,
        Thank you so much for your contact and very nice to meet you!!
        The best road to do is our 66 road. You just have to follow our National Road Number 2, that starts in Chaves and finishes in Faro-Algarve.
        You will enjoy very much. Ride On!!

        For more informations, please send us an email.

        Thank you and Regards,

        PMTours Team

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