Portugal Motorcyle Tours

      Adventure, Food & Wine

      We at Portugal Motorcycle Tours will do everything to turn your wishes into a memorable holiday! Together, we will combine kilometres of road and adventure with breath-taking landscapes, exquisite beaches, sunny weather and incredible gastronomy – mouth-watering food and fine wine (only at dinner of course)!

      We want to share the love we feel about our remarkable Portugal with those who already share our love to ride!

      In all our Tours you will have access to the inaccessible private and unprocessed Portugal in our unique Tour Style: Eat, Drink & Ride with the passionate guidance of Miguel Oliveira, the founder of Portugal Motorcycle, that will take care of every single detail on your unforgettable Bike Tour!

      Miguel :: Motorcycle Tour Leader

      Your Tour can take limitless courses.

      You can go North and South. All the way to the most western point in continental Europe or into the unknown interior of Portugal. A ride through the Atlantic coast and into the national parks and forests. All the way up to the top of a mountain and downright to a sunny beach. You can have an exclusive romantic couples trip or an adventurous journey with a group of friends!

      Regardless the course you take, amazing memories is what you’ll make!

      Every Tour is adaptable to your wishes and special requests. With that in mind, check our 5 Tours that together go through the whole country!

      If you are not a fan of pre-arranged itineraries and want to design your own route, just shoot us an email with your ideas for your bespoke tour in Portugal, and we will do our best to turn it into your Dream Holidays!

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