WorldRider Allan Karl will join riders, share stories and explore Portuguese culture and cuisine on a tour through the remote locales of northern Portugal!

      LISBON, PORTUGAL (JULY 14, 2016) — Today Portugal Motorcycle Tours announced it will host an exclusive and limited VIP Two motorcycle adventure tours with bestselling author and global motorcycle explorer Allan Karl. Karl will ride his motorcycle and guide a small group through the remote and often forgotten region of Portugal’s north and the Douro Valley. Limited to just ten motorcycle rides and their passengers, the tours take off from Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city on October 07, 2016 (First Tour) and on October 14, 2016 (Second Tour).

      The seven days tours are planned and managed by Portugal Motorcycle Tours, the leading motorcycle tour firm in the country. “We are extremely excited to bring Allan Karl and his motorcycle to Portugal,” stated Miguel Oliveira, president of Portugal Motorcycle Tours. “Allan will ride with our guests and share stories of his global motorcycle adventures and guiding fellow riders through the wonderful roads, food, and wine of Portugal.”

      Perhaps most well known for his three-year solo journey around the world by motor- cycle, Karl is the author of “FORKS”: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection,” his bestselling book that chronicles that journey through stories of adventure, inspiring photography, and recipes from each of the countries he traveled. “I love the people, food, and roads of Portugal. ” said Karl, “This is an incredible opportunity to experience Portuguese culture and cuisine while connecting and riding ride with fellow motorcyclists through some of the best roads, food and wine in Europe.” Karl will document the tour through writing and photography on his blog.

      Both week-long tours begin in Lisbon and heads north along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean to Porto and the mouth of the Douro River where for centuries estates and houses have crafted Port wines and cuisine inspired by the freshest seafood. The ride continues through the Douro Valley, through remote towns, and forgotten villages. Riders will visit Trás-os-Montes, a tiny town frozen in time, and to Minho, near the border of Spain and home to Vinho Verde, the crisp white wine only found in Portugal, and to the best salt cod dishes in the country—perhaps Europe.

      Riders on the exclusive tours are provided with BMW GS adventure motorcycles. The First week Tour is all-inclusive costs $9,673 for riders and $7,594 for passengers, and includes a BMW motorcycle, all meals, and accommodation at 5-stars and boutique hotels and inns, food and wine experiences and fuel.

      The Second week tour costs $6,490 for riders and $4,480 for passengers, and includes a BMW motorcycle, lunch meals, and accommodation at 4-stars hotels and food and wine experiences.

      The tours are limited to just ten motorcycles. Allan Karl will provide each rider with a custom signed book of photographs and stories captured during the tour. Contact Miguel Oliviera at Portugal Motorcycle Tours for more information and booking.

      About Portugal Motorcycle Tours

      Since 2010 Portugal Motorcycle Tours has focused on upmarket, personalized, and exclusive first-class motorcycle tours in Portugal, Europe and Northern Africa. With a focus on “Eat, Drink, Ride” experiences, the tours take riders on an adventurer that not only gets the adrenaline flowing, but teases and feasts their palates on a journey that explores Portugal’s food and wine culture – From its historic cities to the most remote villages and families.

      About Allan Karl & WorldRider Productions

      cover-FORKStheBook-Allan_Karl-300PXAllan Karl, is a speaker, photographer and the bestselling author of “FORKS”: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection,” and principal at WorldRider Productions, a production and publishing company focused on keynote speaking, special events, book publishing and television and film production.

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