Climate Changes!?

      Climate is changing and we feel that every riding day! After having a March with high temperatures where all the roads ended in the beach. Everybody thought summer time came early. NOT! In April we had the opposite, even snow.

      When we plan our tours, knowing the weather is very important because we decide the roads based on the temperature, rain and wind for each day.

      That day we went from Porto /Douro’s River to the Estrela’s Mountain (Serra da Estrela) our last stop. I knew from the beginning that it would be our weather worst day. Because of that we had to change the course and instead of crossing the mountain going up to the 2000 meters we had to work around it.

      The hotel stays at the altitude of 600 m and when we started claiming the motorcycle showed me 10 degrees Celsius. I took a breath of relief thinking that it would be no problem in our last Kms to arrive the hotel.

      My mistake, the temperature dropped down 100 C in a blink and the snow starts fowling from…

      With the group behind me that I knew had not much experience. With the snow I felt their panic, so I went very slow. The closed curves didn’t help to calm down, but I knew that we have only 1Km ahead of us to reach the promise land!

      After this episode and an evening of snow… At breakfast I thought to myself, it’s possible that after a panic moment they lose confidence.

      I was wright! After breakfast they said, “Miguel, we don’t drive the motorcycles downhill”.

      Please give me your thoughts and what you think happened afterwards!?


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