Douro Tour

    An amazing journey along the Douro river, surrounded by grooved mountains, cliffs and unique views.

    It’s not by accident that they call the Douro the most beautiful wine region in the world. On Douro Tour, you will be driving upstream along the banks of the Douro river, surrounded by an endless sea of grooved mountains, cliffs, and unique views. Besides the world class wine, you will be tasting some of the best home cooked food Portugal has to offer.

    Starting at Europe’s next Food and Wine Meca : Porto, we will be sure to taste all the delicacies prepared by the little eateries and small restaurants that make up the Porto Food Scene. With our bellies full we make our way up the Douro Valley following every turn of the river in a discovery of the World’s oldest and certainly most beautiful wine region in the world. The mirror-like surface of the Douro and the corrugated lush green hills will be the backdrop to one of the most beautiful rides of your life. Set amongst this heaven like of a scenery are centuries-old estates and manor houses, all privately owned and all with birds eyes view of the landscape. It is amongst this ambiance that you will be tasting Portugal’s finest cuisine and meeting some very interesting characters.

    This journey is all about private access to the most famous wine region in the world. Discovering that behind all the glamour and tourists lies a candid and heartfelt land, where you will be treated as a member of the family  and where every meal is a reason for celebration. This is what is most interesting about the Portuguese wine country : We know we have three wines in the top 5 best wines in the world by Wine Spectator 2015, we know that Hollywood stars and rich wannabes travel to this secluded part of Europe, but at the end of the day it is Rita and Nuno, the owners of a little vineyard estate in the Douro, who make their own wine and cater themselves to their guests who make this land that much more interesting.