Douro Valley by Motorcycle

      Portugal Motorcycle tours is proud to be a part of this region passing by showing these amazing sites. When the tour is made with some time, staying a little bit longer in one place like this, you can have experiences so… No words!!

      We really love the sensation of freedom, the wind in our faces specially in roads that cut our breath by driving it, receiving the wood, grape, flower fragrancies from all directions! The Douro region have it all!!

      At Portugal Motorcycle Tours you can find our North Tour that links both vineyards and wine cellars that are open to the public and can be visited almost all year round.

      Driving along these beautiful vineyards we can have a wide variety of services, such as places to stay and eat. We recommend this tour when the main attraction happens! The grape harvest. Throughout the months of September and October the vineyards offer our riders the chance to participate in the production of some of the most famous wines in Portugal from the grape harvest to the bottling.

      It’s my opinion that riding a bike in scenic roads and Landscapes is some kind of art, very amazing to be within!

      Now imagine arrive to a hotel in the middle of a vineyard and mountains, relax a bit from the journey and then leave your motorcycle there and go to a world that celebrates the Wine with music, toasting with chefs.

      You are at Wine & Music Valley!!!

      It’s an experience that you will never forget! The spot is idyllic! By the Douro’s river side. This unique festival is, maybe, the only one where’s no beer!

      All the wine producers are here for you to taste and at the same time listen to Bryan Ferry that brings you such beautiful memories (click link to watch).

      Also live cooking shows where your palate is pushed to a pleasure never felt before!

      Of course, there are very beautiful places all over the world, but this is one of a kind. One of the best in the world – road, wine and landscape. The Douro region is one of the oldest demarcated wine regions and a World Heritage site.

      Also, what is very pleasant is the cost of such an experience. Believe me you will be surprised!! Come Ride with Portugal Motorcycle Tours!!!

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