First Time on a Motorcycle

      The first time I had contact with a motorcycle was with the age of 15 years old (1983). My best friend at the time had a small bike. A Flandria 50cc with pedals.

      He asked me if I knew how to ride a bike and of course I said “are you kidding me!”

      I saw the pedals and I thought to myself that it would be not as different as a bicycle. So I seated very slowly to figure out the better way of riding without crashing.

      I grab the handlebar with my hands very tense and I gave a little gas to fill it. The motorcycle wanted to start running and instantly I brake with all my hand strength.  Then I felt the fear go through all my spine and the bike didn’t want to stop moving forward.

      My friend begins to feel worried about and asked me if everything was ok. Seeing from now it’s incredible to see the super lack of responsibility and good sense that we (I) have at that age.

      I looked at him and regardless all my panic I continued to give him the same answer with my best confidence face.

      There I was, stopped, with the engine running, looking to the infinite knowing that my time was sold off.

      I went deep inside me to find all the courage I could get and I said this is like riding a bicycle and my right hand started to give some gas, the motorcycle showed some forward movement!! The feet went to the pedals and with the speed taking over me…

      Let it go hands… Feet… And motorcycle to the wall!!!!… Sorry my Friend!!

      That was my first time on a motorcycle!!

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