Honeymoon Motorcycle Adventure

      I’d never thought that one day I would make part of a honeymoon motorcycle adventure that’s… not mine. But when it comes to the tours by the paradise like places and super romantic hotel, we take the risk to testify and live those special day together with those who’s just married.

      Alice and George from California contacted me two months ago asking me if we could organise a honeymoon private tour just for two of them in the beginning of September. As an architect, Alice always dreamt about visiting Lisbon and seeing its own “Golden Gate” and George was thinking about a motorcycle tour in Europe. Offhandedly, they decided that their honeymoon is a perfect time to make both’s dreams come true and in such a way celebrate their love. That’s how they chose to turn that sweet “just married” period into an unbelievable motorcycle adventure!

      “Isn’t it strange that instead of touring together, just two of them, they decided to go on a tour with an agency?” – you would ask. At first, I asked myself the same question, but then I realised that this is a perfect way to forget about all the worries and let somebody organise, probably, the best adventure in your life, while you enjoy the sweet days with your beloved person.

      honeymoon motorcycle adventure

      Probably, it was the most heartwarming tour I’ve ever done in my life. I wanted to make sure that everything runs smoothly. They arrived right next day after the wedding, and after a transatlantic flight needed to have some rest. Next day (after Alice appreciated all the architecture wonders of the 25th of April bridge, and many other beautiful sights while riding through Lisbon) we headed to one of the most romantic hotels of Portugal was waiting for them, where the most beautiful love story of D.Pedro I and Inês de Castro took place in the XIV century. In the morning we started our way to Crato, passing by Penhas Douradas.

      We moved by the serpentinous road where the motorcycle starts zigzagging between the forest and the river. The landscape in the middle of the mountains is simply dazzling. We are in the zone of shale, which was used for constructing houses centuries ago. The most symbolic sight of that kind of constructions is Piodão. Heather told us that she had read something in her architecture studies about these houses, but she didn’t expect that it’s so impressive and beautiful in its simplicity. Jeremy makes a joke about moving there and living a simple life baking bread and riding by the coast, but stops it immediately, as Heather takes it seriously and starts planning relocation. That’s all about Portugal! Once you get a bit deeper to its inside world, it steels your heart and soul, and leaves “saudade” instead.

      We are surrounded by the majestic chestnut and oak trees, and green meadows while riding through this rural and enigmatic area. Passing through this magic place in the silence of the mountain and with this couple deep in love with each other, makes me feel a guide of love.

      honeymoon motorcycle adventure

      There are no words to describe the feelings that invade us in a motorcycle tour for two people, with the power of mountains, harmony of the sea and tastes of the ground. A trip for two is the mutual confidence, making us feel awake and alive.

      And, as for me, I tried to be as invisible as possible, pretty much like the silent mountain. Alice and George told us that their honeymoon motorcycle adventure just couldn’t be better! They are already back to California, and we are already planning their next tour next year – this time with a big company of friends, in love with riding as much as Alice, George and I.