How happy are you with your life?

      To what extent what you do in your life makes it really worth it?


      It is proven that having a motorcycle trip alongside nature is one of the best ways to make your life really worth it!

      My goal when I created Portugal Motorcycle Tours was to share with people the joy of life, resting the body from stress and recharging the batteries, feeling the freedom that renews your body and soul.

      You can say that you can ride anywhere for that, but it is not true.

      Portugal’s average temperature is 18o C (you can ride all year), one of the warmest countries in Europe and we have a winter season that only has rain 3 days a month. It means that 4.800 sun light hours (200 days) per year are produced.

      Given that UV rays stimulate vitamin D in the skin, are very important for bone mineralization, protect against cancer, and raise white blood cells — you can say the sun is very important and it follows us everywhere we ride all the time.

      All our tours are about socializing and making friends around a table with the best we have, which is food and wine (all our wine regions have world prizes). To have the best meal, you have to go to places where everything is made with lots of love.

      We will stop in cozy places and find out some secrets about this love that these people have in everything they do. The best payment you can give is your happiness for being there and enjoying the food.

      The wine decreases the risk of heart diseases and some cancers, but also decreases the progression of degenerative neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

      Sardines and codfish are ones of our most popular dishes, which have omega-3 and 6. They are good for osteoporosis inhibition, encourage healthy hair and eyes, and above all, strengthen the immune system. The coenzyme Q 10 on the sardines prevents the cancer cell metabolism.

      After making the tour with us, having me with you all the time, I’m certain you will be happier with your life!

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