I, Rider: Why We Ride? Part II.

      For many motorcycle lovers around the world being a rider is the greatest thing ever. Often we are asked why we ride? Here is the second part of the article, explaining some reasons of the big motorcycle love: hearing your engine, feeling the wind on your face, getting the thrill from a twist of a wrist. This sense of freedom that only a rider can feel is absolutely unique, and there is no way to get it with other automobiles. When you get on a motorcycle, nothing else matters: there is just you, your motorcycle and the road. Here is the second part of the article about Why We Ride.



      Probably, agility is the main and most important feature for those who choose motorcycle as their means of transport. Forget about the torture of the traffic jams, if you are a rider, you are not driving a car that requires a lot of space on the road. The city road becomes an obstacle-free zone when you’re riding your agile bike. Not to mention that sometimes it’s the only way to pass through the off-road conditions. All in all, it’s too good not to get used to it once and forever.


      Apparently, nothing compares to the adrenaline-fueled, hyper-aware emotional state the motorcycle puts you in. It’s hard to explain, but, for some reason, it’s vital for human beings to feel the risk, the danger, the fear. Maybe, just because we have that function in our bodies, we need to turn it on once in a while. I think, it dates back to the Stone Age, when in order to survive people needed to protect their home, fight, hunt. So, in some way, it became natural – the need to feel stressed, excited, and adrenaline-fueled. It wakes us up and makes us feel truly alive after facing something so strong and unknown.


      For most of the bikers, motorcycling is not just about adventure, freedom and adrenaline, but also about practicing and sharing in social relations. It helps to develop a strong sense of brotherhood in the community and on the roads. Usually, brotherhood is found to be related to the biker’s code. In general, it is more important for a rider to help out their fellow brother on the road than to worry about the brand of bike they ride, even if it’s just a moral support. So if you are ever stuck or riding alone, another rider will always stop to help you, so you know you have someone to have your back in case anything goes wrong.


      That’s the stubborn “never-say-die” attitude and unquenchable thirst for adventure that keeps a rider on the road for years, tenaciously pushing him forward to discover new lands and ride new unknown roads.


      No wonder, the endurance racing is the most important motorsport racing, that tests the durability of equipment and, primarily, the endurance of participants. There is no way to cover long distances without improving the fitness of our heart and lungs, increasing the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, to make the body perform at the highest level for a longer and longer period of time.

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