Motorcycle Touring Alone vs. in a Group?

      One of the most important questions about motorcycle touring is whether you should go touring alone, with somebody or in a group. You should have answer to this question when getting ready for the trip. If you are already an experienced rider, you might consider as an option a travel on your own, but it’s more secure (and – much more fun) to tour in a group or through a specialised travel company, like Portugal Motorcycle Tours, that would be able to provide you with some insider insights and tips.


      The main benefit of touring alone is that you don’t depend on anybody. You can freely change your route, stop wherever you feel like it, and go at your own pace. The downside of the solo riding is the increased vulnerability, as, if anything happens to you or your bike on the road, you can count just on yourself and other travellers passing by. Touring alone will certainly make you feel proud of yourself, but it’s always better to have someone to share all the perfect and sometimes hard moments with.
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      An opportunity to go through an exciting adventure, such as motorcycle tour, along with someone who shares your interests and passion is already a gift. Though, personality differences can turn the trip into a nightmare, so it’s really important to understand the demands and expectations of your fellow traveller and share yours with him.
      Also, it’s possible to travel with a passenger but you must acknowledge that it will make the motorcycle harder to control, especially on the rough terrain and soft sand. Besides, you will have less space for luggage and, in fact, more luggage.

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      One of the hardest challenges of organising group tours is the organisation itself. This is where tour companies, such as Portugal Motorcycle Tours, can be a great help. The great insider knowledge helps to plan the trip without missing any important detail, any exciting site and being able to enjoy all the “must” see things to see, to taste and to feel.
      When going on a tour with a group, organised by a tour agency you will always know in advance the precise budget and description of the route, not to mention the fact that you can choose from a few ready routes, depending on your preference.
      Also, joining a group on a motorcycle tour is a great opportunity to make friends and spend an unforgettable time with people that share your interests and lifestyle.

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