North Tour

    A fantastic voyage to the North of Portugal - the place where it all began.

    In Portugal we call the North our father land, the place were the country was born. Here the small thousand year old villages still remind us of this long heritage, along with their traditions and people. Join the North Tour and discover the most remote and forgotten region of Portugal, which happens to be also the one with the most friendly people and arguably the best food! Trust me, my grandmother was from the North!

    Starting from Lisbon, we will make our way up the west Atlantic coast of Portugal, with nothing but hundreds of kilometres of coastal back roads, small fishermen’s villages and endless pine forests. It’s the taste of Portugal by the sea that little appreciate and few bother to discover. At the end of this surf spray journey we reach Europe’s next Food and Wine Mecca: Porto. Hugged by the mysticism of the Douro River and the antiquity of the Port Wines, Porto has seen its food scene become the most important impulsive moment of traditional Portuguese gastronomy  that this generation has witnessed. We will be sure to taste all the delicacies prepared by the little eateries and small restaurants that make up the Porto Food Scene.

    With our bellies full we make our way up the Douro Valley following every turn of the river in a discovery of the World’s oldest and certainly most beautiful wine region in the world. The mirror like surface of the Douro and the corrugated lush green hills will be the backdrop to one of the most beautiful rides of your life. Set amongst this heaven like of a scenery are centuries old estates and manor houses, all privately owned and all with birds eyes view of the landscape. It is amongst this ambiance that you will be tasting Portugal’s finest cuisine and meeting some very interesting characters.

    At the end of the Douro, right next to the border of Spain, we continue our trip north to the forgotten, unexplored Portugal of Tras-os-Montes (literally translated into behind the mountains). Here we sill travel through a Portugal that stood still in time for decades, where remote villages of 10 habitants still live of what the land and the cattle give them. In all directions, red earth rolling hills of olive and almond trees as far as the eye can see. Image sitting in a town square, drinking wine and eating charcutery with the locals, knowing that your are the only foreigner for 50km…

    The last leg of the journey is Minho, home of Vinho Verde (Green Wine) and Salt Cod. We have saying that “In Portugal one can prepare salt Cod in 1001 different ways”. Wont make you try them all, but you get the picture!


    From 1.650,00€/650,00€ with motorcycle, accommodation and guide tour.

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