Starting in Sagres where the land ends and the abysm starts (XV Century say)! Here we go north by the sea!! Always on our left side!

      Your motorcycle will appreciate this kind of road and you will thank the Gods for being able to see the best coastline!…

      Beaches like Castelejo, Amado, Arrifana, Tonel and much others make you feel dominated by the power of nature with the sharp cliffs ending in the strong waves beating the rocks continuously – Breath taking!!

      Of course, places like these have to have very nice spots to rest and eat what nature gives you, cocked in a way that only Portuguese can do, that is divine!! (sorry my lack of humbleness). Exploring Portugal well off the beaten track!!

      That’s why in our tours the sites where we stop are for you to enjoy the ride and our culture with the best we have to offer.

      Having a tour guide and all his knowledge makes you feel more relax and there for you can concentrate only in the beauty that passes through your eyes!!

      The connection between the Ocean and the mountain is quite demolishing and you can stay for hours on this beach and not come across anyone. Why? Because of the tranquility of its 45 kilometers of sandy coast (Europe Longest Sand beach).

      The Alentejo is one of the regions least affected by coronavirus in Europe (up to 600 times fewer cases than in any other European region).

      Portugal has hundreds of kilometers of magnificent beaches along its coastline, perfect for a family holiday,” EBD concludes. “Comporta beach is just a few kilometers from Lisbon, one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe.”

      Arriving in Lisbon by its bridge where you can see the Beautiful and Historic Lisbon!! From the High of the bridge the boats arriving the wharf, the plain preparing to land, the traffic… It’s with joy and freedom that we feel all the senses that Lisbon can give to you!!

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