Ride… Roads… Life!!

      As long as we are moving south kilometer by kilometer the landscape changes in a very snake way! Turn after turn it’s easy to find the differences. And then the smell that our brain is constantly searching for a memory!

      A lot of people email us asking which are the best riding roads in Portugal. For start I can say that we have the world’s best driving road by Avis (number 222 road) and we also have one iconic 66 road that cuts Portugal in two from Chaves to Algarve (number 2 road).

      According to the European commission report about the roads quality, Portugal is in second place among all state union members. Is that important?! Maybe not but just saying for you to know 😉

      So if you love good driving roads with epic adventures, have to try our roads.  It’s quit challenging riding a combination between roads by the sea where you have the cliffs in on side and the pine trees in the other with all that beautiful and smell mix that in my case brings a lot of memories!! And the mountain roads with all the curves, some very narrow with blind corners! Cuts your breath!!

      Other amazing roads are the ones where we are surrounded by vineyards! There’s no way we don’t stop in a farm to taste all the flavors!!! We have time, no rush, relax!!! Wow I don’t wanna a leave this place where life happens!!!!

      For Portugal Motorcycle Tours is all there is for the best riding ever – Great roads – Great Food – Great Wine!

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