South Tour

A mesmerising trip to the surfing and wild nature paradise.

Sea, sun, open plains, space, seafood and plenty of cows – this is how I would best describe the South Tour.

A trip through the wild Atlantic Coast of south western Portugal where the Portuguese fish is at its finest quality and the open plains of Alentejo where cattle and black pork make up a delicious food landscape. Also included in the trip is a journey through the private Algarve, where deserted beaches, barbecues in the middle of orange groves and boat rides make up for an extraordinary journey.
The journey starts in Lisbon and heads south where the landscape imminently engulfs us with its vast grazing pastures, vineyards, lakes and the constant reminder of the Moorish presence in this territory over 700 years ago. Here its all about taking it slow and joining the locals in their easy way of life through slow food and gentle conversations. Following the curvy flow of the Guadiana River we ride through uncharted Portuguese territory and cross the Guadiana Valley Natural Park, not seeing a living soul for hundreds of kilometres. Reaching the Algarve, the odour of the beach and see joins our journey as we ride our motorcycles through Portugal’s playground.

Here we will reach the tip of Europe in Sagres and see the place where the ancients believed the land ended and sea began. From here its a drive up to Lisbon, wiggling our way though one of Europe’s widest coastlines, and certainly one of the most exciting as well. A surfer’s and adventure seeker’s paradise, this coast has razor sharp cliffs which serve as a wall to the relentless pounding of the Atlantic. Now imagine sitting comfortably in a empty cliff, eating some grilled fish and chatting away with the locals as nature takes its course in front of you…This is what we call freedom!

From 1.350,00€/600,00€ with motorcycle, accommodation and guide tour.