Touring tips for riding in Portugal

      Planing to go on a motorcycle tour in Portugal? Here are some important touring tips about riding in Portugal, that will help to level up your touring experience and make your trip simply epic!

      Touring tips in Portugal

      Portugal is a wonderful country, giving a rider the magic feeling of a adventurous journey through centuries surrounded by beautiful untouched nature in a very comfortable way. But there are practical aspects of the trip the traveler should consider. Here are some practical touring tips for the rider preparing to tour in Portugal.

      Highway system

      Did you know that the Portuguese road infrastructure is considered the best in Europe and second in the world by the World Economic Forum in its Global Competitiveness Report for 2014-2015? The National Plan consists of four-lane highways, also known as “autoestradas”, national routes, regional roads and municipal roads. It makes most of the country easily accessible. One of the main autoestradas is around 590km, running from Lisbon to Porto. Good quality two-lane roads connect the rest of the country.

      Portugal has a pioneer electronic system for toll payment, called Via Verde. A small device installed on the windshield transmits information electronically to the company responsible for managing most of the roads in Portugal. It’s quick and easy to enter or exit the freeway, avoiding payment lines. This system has been awarded several times for an innovative form of payment. Meanwhile, visitors can pay by cash or credit card, waiting in the payment line. However, if a traveler ends up in a wrong lane (Via Verde), he will have to pay within 48 hours or face a fine on top of the fee charged.

      Road signs are generally in accordance with international standards.

      Speed ​​limits and radar detectors

      Speeding fines in Portugal can reach 2500 euros and vehicles may be seized in lieu of payment.

      Speed ​​limits in Portugal in the city are 50 km per hour, on open roads they vary between 90 and 100 km per hour, and on the motorways are 120km per hour.

      Radar detectors are not permitted and considered illegal in Portugal. In case of use of it, a rider will face heavy penalties.

      Riding Tips

      Make sure to take with you all the documents relating to the bike, including your personal ID, driver’s license, insurance certificate, vehicle registration or equivalent. This is one of the most important touring trips, that will guarantee that you will always be legal.

      Petrol stations in Portugal are open from 7 am to 10 pm. Many of the stations on the main roads are open 24 hours, and most of them accept credit / debit cards.

      Age restrictions

      In Portugal it’s allowed to ride a motorcycle from 18 years old, and that applies to visitors as well. Helmets and daytime lights are required.

      Local residents can ride a moped at 14 years old. According to a recently passed law, holders of category “B” license (car) can also ride motorcycles not exceeding 125cc.

      Follow our touring tips and join us on one of our magnificent Portugal Motorcycle Tours! Come ride with us.