Touring with Henry Cole

      Packing some items to film and record the moments. It’s always very exciting to prepare a ride journey when you will meet people for the first time. More it is if you are talking about the motorcycle show man – The one and only Henry Cole (World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides).

      It’s a refreshing feeling that Portugal Motorcycle Tours is already a reference when you want to make a motorcycle tour in Portugal. Up and downs but always focus where the lighthouse is.

      Back to this particularly tour where, like always, I will make everyone feel like home, meeting our friendly people and culture through food and wine! 

      One of the things that put joy on the riders faces is the good weather. And in Portugal, specially if it’s south, the probabilities are very high to have sun. And it was with a lot of sun in Alcoutim that I met Henry.

      He arrived in his motorcycle and I went to him and introduced myself.  There’s nothing more comforting than start talking to someone and immediately you are “enchanté”.

      A natural communicator making the conversation very very pleasant!

      In that same moment a local old woman start talking in english saying that her husband had died 3 or 2 months ago. Henry responded to her in a comprehensive way but of course she didn’t understand. Only knew that words and the next ones saying that wants money for food. Henry continued on his understanding mode explaining that he had no money on him but to go to his crew, because the money was all there. Once again she understood zip and I gave her money for the food and she left.

      What a way to start a conversation to know a person!!!

      But is with moments like this that we really know how great a person can be. Even knowing that this lady didn’t want a real conversation, Henry was always a gentleman. From this moment on I knew that all the ride and time spent with Henry would be awesome!  And it really was!!

      Side by side riding and shooting at the same time along the way with Portugal’s most beautiful landscapes!!… No words for that feeling. A person that knows motorcycles more than you’ll ever know, showing joy to make a tour with Portugal Motorcycle Tours… Again no words!! Just your heart full!!

      Thank you Henry Cole and the Gang (specially Pip) to let me be a part of your world for some time! See you soon!

      Also a special appreciation to João Carlos Simões for welcoming us in a very generous way and for his photos! 

      Stay tuned, more up to come!!


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