Climate Changes!?

Climate is changing and we feel that every riding day! After having a March with high temperatures where all the roads ended in the beach. Everybody thought summer time came early. NOT! In April we had the opposite, even snow. When we plan our tours, knowing the weather is very important because we decide the roads based on the temperature, rain and wind for each day. That day we went from Porto /Douro’s River to…

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Ride… Roads… Life!!

As long as we are moving south kilometer by kilometer the landscape changes in a very snake way! Turn after turn it’s easy to find the differences. And then the smell that our brain is constantly searching for a memory! A lot of people email us asking which are the best riding roads in Portugal. For start I can say that we have the world’s best driving road by Avis (number 222 road) and we…

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Touring with Henry Cole

Packing some items to film and record the moments. It’s always very exciting to prepare a ride journey when you will meet people for the first time. More it is if you are talking about the motorcycle show man – The one and only Henry Cole (World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides). It’s a refreshing feeling that Portugal Motorcycle Tours is already a reference when you want to make a motorcycle tour in Portugal. Up and downs…

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Come Ride in Portugal!

Want to know Portugal? Come ride with us! In Portugal Motorcycle Tours we’ll guide you on your journey. Get to know the most fresh and flavored food, the prizewinning wines, beautiful and breathtaking landscapes. This is a full experience that you’ll not want to miss. Accommodation, food and motorcycle… we got it all cover. You just have to enjoy Portugal riding along its beautiful locations. Some choose the landscapes, the idyllic villages, the tradition and…

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WorldRider Allan Karl will join riders, share stories and explore Portuguese culture and cuisine on a tour through the remote locales of northern Portugal! LISBON, PORTUGAL (JULY 14, 2016) — Today Portugal Motorcycle Tours announced it will host an exclusive and limited VIP Two motorcycle adventure tours with bestselling author and global motorcycle explorer Allan Karl. Karl will ride his motorcycle and guide a small group through the re mote and often forgotten region of…

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Portugal Motorcycle Tours is very excited to announce that Allan will be joining us for a once-in-a-lifetime ride and tour of Portugal! The tour is open to 10 other riders. Allan will ride Doc, the same bike he rode around the world for a weeklong adventure in northern Portugal. This is no ordinary tour – it’s about the ride, the culture, the cuisine – and most importantly, the people – of Portugal. We will truly…

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Portugal roads

Portuguese food and wine in the spectacular south

Open roads and blue skies await on our South Tour Portugal has more sunny days than any other country in Europe, a spectacular 300 days per year. In April, we really begin to hit our spring and summer stride where sunny days are tempered by cool Atlantic breezes. It’s the perfect time to visit the southern part of Portugal – known for its beaches, its rolling prairies and the amazing Portuguese food and wine. The Summer…

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Touring tips in Portugal

Touring tips for riding in Portugal

Planing to go on a motorcycle tour in Portugal? Here are some important touring tips about riding in Portugal, that will help to level up your touring experience and make your trip simply epic! Portugal is a wonderful country, giving a rider the magic feeling of a adventurous journey through centuries surrounded by beautiful untouched nature in a very comfortable way. But there are practical aspects of the trip the traveler should consider. Here are some practical touring tips…

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Honeymoon Motorcycle Adventure

I’d never thought that one day I would make part of a honeymoon motorcycle adventure that’s… not mine. But when it comes to the tours by the paradise like places and super romantic hotel, we take the risk to testify and live those special day together with those who’s just married. Alice and George from California contacted me two months ago asking me if we could organise a honeymoon private tour just for two of them in…

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