What you need to have a good Story!!

      Of course there’s always a story to tell when you make so many miles with so nice people! And there is the weather, food and wine!

      The weather plays a very important role to make the tour very pleasant and to feel the moments with pure joy!!

      That’s why one of the first things we do every morning is look at the sky and see if there’s sun and then look at the forecast.

      All our decisions for the ride are made based on this knowledge.

      Good for PMTours that in Portugal we have the sunniest region of Europe with almost 300 days with sun. You can say uau!! And that’s why we can ride all year!

      When you make some stops along the ride and the helmets are off you can see the faces. They reflect two things: the pleasure of that ride and the sun shining or not.    

      Another very important piece of our tours are the places where we stop for the meals and know our culture through food and wine.

      And here we are in a very beautiful Chef restaurant and imagine where!!??

      Literally in the best road in the world said by experts’ studies.

      I can’t imagine best way to relax and have the best vacations ever!!!

      The Portuguese have this obsession to pair wine and food. They must complement or contrast each other in just the right way, or almost!

      For example, if the dish is fatty like meat that usually have high levels of fat you need a wine to balance that fat with an acid wine.

      If the dish is acidic like some seafood, the wine you pair should be equal to or more than the food itself so that the wine can still stand on its own.

      For dessert the wine must be sweeter than the dish, so the sweetness of each cancels the other out.

      One of the best topic conversations among portuguese are food and wine and from there you will start great funny moments!!!

      Come Ride with PMTours!!!

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