Why We Ride? Part I.

      For us, as well as for many other motorcycle lovers around the world, riding is the greatest feeling ever. Road trips and driving a car is fun, but nowadays radio, mobile phone, traffic distract you a lot. Meanwhile, when riding a motorcycle, you ride a motorcycle. You hear your engine, you feel the wind, you get the thrill from a twist of a wrist. This sense of freedom is absolutely unique, and there is no way to get it with other automobiles. When you get on a motorcycle, nothing else matters: there is just you, your motorcycle and the road.


      Motorcycle is not just means of transport, for many riders it becomes a lifestyle. They decorate their bikes and move in style, making heads turn throughout the streets they invade. In such a manner, they define their personal identity through their most prized passion of riding motorcycles. The visual appeal, added to the bikes, gives them an attractive custom look and a personal touch.

      why we ride?


      Adventure touring motorcycle usually is unfamiliar to anyone outside of motorcycling. Adventure is, probably, the most intimate, thrilling and exciting thing about riding. There’s nothing like expecting for the big day to come. Adventure bikes are very practical bikes that can cover big distances on not really perfect roads. Usually, they are outfitted with hard metal parts that protect the motorcycle from rocks and other objects that could damage the bike.


      For years, the development of technology has driven motorcycles to incredible heights. But as great as all the performance, economy, reliability, comfort and convenience is, it hasn’t necessarily made motorcycling more fun and exciting. What really makes motorcycles as special as they are is that hard-to-define quality: character. Maybe, character means different things to different people: the way it looks, rides or even the exhaust note. Or, maybe, it’s about the equipment coming with the bike or its brand. But, most probably, it’s not the bike that needs to have character. It’s what you do with it, where you ride it and what experiences you have with it that that gives that motorcycle character.


      Fear is a good emotion when riding a motorcycle, for it may be a reminder that there is nothing as important as safety. In small amounts it keeps you alive, so it’s extremely important to be confidents with yourself. Practice parking lot drills, panic stops, track days, slow drags, slow tight turns, etc. The more experience you the more confidence you’ll have. Ride your ride, no matter how slow or fast it is. That’s the best way to feel the real thrill and magic of riding.

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