when everyone hang up their motorcycles we have an amazing sunny tour!!

      The leading motorcycle tour firm in the country, Portugal Motorcycle Tours, planned these four days tour.


      We will provide BMW Motorcycles to riders on this exclusive tour.

      And we want you to join us!

      You need to show up with your riding gear, helmet, and everything you want to pack on the bike. Nonetheless we provide the bike, insurance, accommodations and plenty of fun!!

      1st day LISBON – ÉVORA (389 KMS)

      The adventure begins in Lisbon. We will ride from Belém to Cascais by the        riverside on the way to Cabo da Roca – the westernmost extent of mainland Portugal and continental Europe.

      We arrive to Évora, facing the most famous tourist attraction the Roman temple, incorrectly dedicated to Diana, the goddess of hunting. The temple is regarded as the best-preserved Roman structure on the Iberian Peninsula.

      2nd day ÉVORA – TAVIRA (278 KMS)

      Almost all the Alentejo’s roads are plans with the cork tree and vineyards making the best of the landscape.

      Going down to Algarve near by the Guadiana’s River we will find small villages all with the influence of the Arabic architecture, because of their strong domain in the Iberian Peninsula (711-1492).

      3rd day TAVIRA – SAGRES (237 KMS)

      We will ride our motorcycles through Portugal’s playground. A mix between the mountains and the beach. The two mountains Monchique and Caldeirão lead us to their famous mountain roads and views.

      The journey ends reaching the tip of Europe in Sagres and see the place where the ancients believed the land ended and sea began.

      4th day SAGRES – LISBON (326 KMS) From here its a drive up to Lisbon, wiggling our way through one of Europe’s widest coastlines, and certainly one of the most exciting as well.

      A surfer’s and adventure seeker’s paradise, this coast has razor sharp cliffs which serve as a wall to the relentless pounding of the Atlantic. Now imagine sitting comfortably in a empty cliff, eating some grilled fish.